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Phoenix Rising Mk II LogoThe long-postponed studio album, has now been released. The album is called ‘After The Fire - The Music of Phoenix Rising’ (to reflect its post-dated release). It contains definitive recordings of the band’s extensively gigged material.

Although the majority of the material was originally captured on The Live Session, that recording was made right at the start of their gigging career. A lot of the material was in an unfinished state as the band were still working on them.

After The Fire - The Music of Phoenix Rising, has all of the final versions and arrangements as written by Pete the composer of the material.

After The Fire - click for more infoUnfortunately, because of the time involved, the original band members were not available to perform on the final versions.

But, having started on it and in the spirit of “...by hook or by crook...”, Pete brought in the session guys from Pig’n’aif and has completed the work. The vocals are performed admirably by the inimitable Mick Shedd. Bass is performed by Session Pete.

The drumming is based upon the feel of Danny’s original drumming (since he is sadly no longer with us) and performed by Clatterfoot. Pete was adamant that it was like working with a remade ‘Digital Danny’. “Freakishly like having him in the room”, but as he added “...but without the backchat...”. Pete performed guitars, guitar synth, joint lead vocal on Phoenix Rising, backing vocals and production.

The release of this albuml brings the saga of Phoenix Rising to a tidy end, although alongside the recording sessions, Pete was busy writing and demoing new Phoenix Rising style material. These tracks now appear under the Pig’n’aif banner... and so it goes full circle, as that is the project that Phoenix Rising originally spun off from...

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